I joined Sweater as employee #10, brought on to build the company's content strategy and develop the brand voice. As an early-stage startup, I was hands-on with everything from email to marketing and web content to script writing and product copy.

Content Strategy, UX Writing, Brand Messaging, Voice & Tone Guidelines, Web Content, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Ad Copy, Social Media, Script Writing, Press Releases

Opening venture capital for the first time to unaccredited investors and people with vastly differentiation financial knowledge is both exciting and a huge challenge. Our goal from a content perspective focused on education and storytelling with the ultimate mission to build a new kind of venture community where founders, startups and investors of all backgrounds could come together and create meaningful impact—and of course, money. We knew we'd need to provide ample educational material to introduce the unfamiliar with the VC ecosystem, and we believed engaging stories about founders and exciting startups would bring them all together.

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