About me

Hi, I'm Garrett!

I'm a writer and content strategist who loves creating meaningful experiences through words.


I've been a bona fide word vortex ever since I can remember. I enjoy picking apart phrases and diving into the etymology of words—playing with the way language subtextually imparts emotion, memory, delight.

I believe the right words carry invaluable weight when it comes to creating meaningful experiences for people (users/customers/audiences).

I grew up in San Diego, California (Kumeyaay land), and attended the University of California San Diego for my undergraduate in Literature and Creative Writing. After working for some time as a writer and lead editor at a SEO shop, I went on to receive my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from San Diego State University where I also embarked on a teaching career path.

After five years teaching composition, rhetoric, and creative writing at the university level, I transitioned towards a career as a professional creative, using a move to Denver, Colorado with my partner as a catalyst to the change. Until then, I had just been doing freelance work on the side.

I now have more than a decade of experience as a professional writer, working on all types of projects that require a careful eye and a love for words—from UX writing to email marketing, web content, and so much more.

Outside of work-related projects, I'm a poet, outdoorsman, fisherman, dad, husband, lover of eating and cooking good food. I love meeting new people and really just seeing how I can help them achieve their goals, even if my expertise isn't what they need—I have a bountiful network.

Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully we can grab a coffee sometime soon (virtually or in person).


Content Strategy & Branding

From launching a new product to setting up multi-channel marketing communications, I can build a content strategy that helps you meet your goals. This could include brand messaging, voice & tone guidelines, content style guides, brand manifestos, and more.

UX Writing & Content Design

My approach to UX Writing follows the typical design process with the goal to drive more meaningful engagement, conversion, and retention of users. Good Content Design takes best practices and makes it unique to the brand, allowing for smooth interactions driven by organizational goals and producing delightful experiences.

Digital Content & Marketing

Good content drives stronger engagement, conversion, and retention, whether it's organic content (like blogs or email) or paid media. I can craft the content you need to meet your marketing goals, from drip campaigns to product launches and ad campaigns.

Looking for something else?

I've built a strong network over the years of marketers, designers, CRM specialists, and video producers/editors. If there's something you need that falls to the left or right of my wheelhouse, I know the people who can get it done.

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